Estate Planning is for Everyone

/ By: bevsabin2012

Category: Estate Planning, Wills

What’s your excuse for lack of planning? Think you’re too young? You may not be ready for an enhanced estate plan like your parents/grandparents have, but you need to start somewhere Accidents happen, all the...

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A Pair of Common Medicaid Myths

/ By: markt

Category: Elder Law

Medicaid is the jointly run state and federal health insurance program that provides health care coverage to people with disabilities and the indigent. It also provides for nursing home care coverage to anyone eligible. While...

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The Testamentary Trust: What They Are and How They Work

/ By: Norm Sabin, Estate Planning Attorney

Category: Trusts

Over the past several weeks we’ve been looking at different kinds of trusts and their common uses in estate planning. We’ve previously talked about living trusts, so-named because they are created while you’re still alive....

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Top Mistakes Made in Estate Planning

/ By: Norm Sabin, Estate Planning Attorney

Category: Estate Planning

Estate planning and probate is a very detailed and difficult process. Though an estate planning attorney will know the steps necessary to carry out a Will and Trust, there are several common mistakes that estate...

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